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AU: Camila Cabello is Boo from Monsters, Inc.

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The girls at the One Direction concert last night

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They have come so incredibly far and I couldn’t be any prouder.

Congratulations Fifth Harmony.  

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Wow. It’s so true.

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@normanikordei Daddy our Harmonizers On Point ! 😘 // normani + harmonizers

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I’d be scared AF to try and correct Lauren’s grammar.😅

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this is so beautiful

like she’s taking it all in you know ? the lights , the crowd , the realisation that this is now her life that her dream is no longer a dream but a real thing, the little girl that was once afraid of singing in front of people, the shy and awkward yet cute teenager that one day decided to audition for xfactor and they told them the odds of her actually gettin to audition was of 1 % but still she didn’t give up and now that same girl is singing in front of thousands of people , sell out arenas , she’s doing what she absolutely loves the most with 4 of her best friends , the same girl that is now an idol for thousands of girls around the world and i couldn’t be more proud.

so thank you for holding up on that 1% chance.

you makes us really happy i hope you know that

this makes me cry everytime I see it on my dashboard

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N: She said “my clothes is big on me” when it’s ”my clothes are big on me”
C: Prove the grammar queen wrong!

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